El Verdadero Valor de los Caballos para las Personas

The True Value of Horses for People

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In this article we will learn the true value that horses have for people. You might find it hard not to think that behind this relationship, there is a halo of fairy-tale magic. However, I wouldn’t want to confuse anyone. The fairy tale is linked to the purest science. That’s why I want to show the link between each “magical connection” and its logical explanation.

The main gift that horses have for us is revealing to us Our own Inner Wisdom

Their message is that we are all one. We all live under the same sky and walk the same earth which provides us with a home, food and enjoyment. Horses prove this to us. It is natural for a herd to act as if they were one single individual. And what is even more wonderful is that when we are around them, we become part of the herd. There is no distinction.

Horses live under the basic laws of life. If something is consistent, they accept it – it is not a danger, they can trust it. If something is not consistent, it poses a danger and they react to it. They do it for their own physical integrity, but more importantly, for the entire herd’s integrity. They know that together they are more likely to survive.

Horses display their innate wisdom openly. It is always visible and ready to be observed – and by observing theirs, we can finally remember our own. It is not magic; it is the union of heart, mind and body.

Horses have been with us for centuries…

They have been with us in transport. They took us wherever we wanted to go. In farm labour. They worked with us so we could eat. In battle. They were with us through wars we believed we had to fight. They allowed us to discover the world… They even gave our egos a boost. We chose to believe that we were powerful for subduing an animal which weighs half a tonne by force. Today we know that this half-tonne animal lies before our feet out of understanding, respect and love. The only secret is Trust. In this aspect, they act just as people do.

All these activities which they have shared with us have something in common: horses have never been allowed to be themselves. They haven’t been allowed to interact freely with us. In many cases, even today, they haven’t been allowed to interact with other horses. This is the reason why horses’ true potential has been hidden for centuries. Without being aware of it, we have ignored the immense gift these animals have in store for us.

Horses’ greatest value for us lies in what they Are, not in how we use them

It is no coincidence that this species have maintained such a strong presence in human life for so long. Horses have something very valuable to teach us. That is why they have always been at man’s side.

Now is the time to start listening to them, to observe them, to allow them to interact with us freely and let them be what they are. Because…

They are here to teach us a fundamental truth. Our truth

They are here to remind us that there is no difference between the feelings of one person and those of another – that there is no one more valuable than anyone else. We are all here living life. We are all the same. If you lose, I lose. And if you win, I win. They come to dismantle the false belief that “if you succeed, I fail” – that competition is more effective than collaboration.

They are here to show us that living inconsistent lives can make us unhappy. To remind us that when we are not living coherently, we are not accepting ourselves. We are not respecting ourselves. The only way to accept ourselves is to honour all our feelings, and not to hide them. They are here to show us if we are being coherent or not. To make us aware of our inconsistencies. To show us that it is healthy to listen to ourselves, and not to lie to ourselves.

When we don’t think, speak and act in the same direction, we are lying to ourselves. We are disrespecting ourselves. We are putting a lie before our truth. Putting a lie in front of ourselves… So it ends up covering us up. Little by little, without realising it. Until we no longer remember who we are. What we like. The things we enjoy. What make us feel fulfilled.

The consequences result in a big internal void that we try to fill with external things. Of course, it never gets full; we always “need more”. If we do not get more stuff – different stuff – we feel empty, apathetic, anxious, etc.

Horses also teach us that our interpretations live only in our minds. That there are infinite ways to see the world. That what we see in others is in ourselves too. They make us aware of our unconscious beliefs and show us how easy it is to change them.

They are here to teach us that our actions have an impact on our environment and on those around us. And most importantly, that our thoughts have an impact as well.

But how can horses do all of this?

Because of horses’ very nature. This is why it is so important to let them be what they are.

They never judge, and the most important for us is that we know that they don’t. A horse’s reaction is a natural reaction to what is happening, and we know it. We cannot think that a horse acts in a certain way just because he’s having a bad day or because he “doesn’t get on well with us”. This is where another of their star qualities becomes clear…

They live in the present. They don’t think about the past or the future. If they did, a lion could catch them distracted and eat them. They always live in the here and now; attentive to changes in their environment and in the behaviour of those around them. Their senses are perfectly designed to detect any inconsistency – anything around them which seems “out-of-the-ordinary”.

For this purpose, their senses are far more developed than ours. They can see 7 images per second more than us and they have a 340º field of vision. They are able to hear sounds coming from up to 5km away. They listen to frequencies that are inaudible to us. Horses’ hearing range goes from 55Hz to 33,5Khz, while we humans do not exceed 20Khz. In the same way, their sense of smell is very well developed. They can detect if we have eaten meat and identify us as predators.

Besides, their living space is larger than ours and their heart’s electromagnetic field is much more powerful.

Let’s see how all of this applies to us…

Horses have different ways to connect us with ourselves. One of them is

Coaching with Horses

In a Coaching with Horses process, horses reveal our unconscious behaviours. Those automated behaviours come from our unconscious beliefs and govern our daily life 95% of the time. You can find out more about how we use our conscious mind only 5% of the time by reading this article: Create your Reality.

As we have seen, horses’ senses are much more developed than ours. When we enter a group of horses, they consider us part of the herd. Because of their ability to be present almost 100% of the time (in contrast to our 5%), and their observant nature… nothing about us gets past them!

They are able to perfectly read our body language, and can also detect our inconsistencies (thinking, speaking and acting in different directions). For instance, if we are overwhelmed and have a concern, we cannot hide it from a horse by saying we are feeling wonderful.

Horses mirror our inconsistent, unconscious behaviours. This way they help us realise what is blocking us when we are trying to achieve a goal. Most of the time, it is because of unconscious beliefs. For example, every year we try to go to the gym, follow a diet, organise our time, etc., but we fail. Probably, behind the behaviours that take us away from our goal, there is a belief we are not aware of yet.

Another way in which horses accompany us during Coaching is through metaphors. Through them our subconscious gets unlocked. They reveal our deepest beliefs, both conscious and unconscious. With the help of the coach and the horses we become aware of these beliefs – and of the behaviours they cause.

On the other hand, horses can also connect us to ourselves

Through their therapeutic effect

Horses that live free are very connected to the environment around them. They are in perfect harmony with their nature.

Besides the precision of their senses, horses have a quality of great value to us. Their heart’s electromagnetic field is 5 times more powerful than ours.

Thanks to the studies of the Hearth Math Institute, we know that we have a network of 40,000 neurons in our heart that act like a small brain. Despite its size, this network sends 80% of the information to the brain, while the brain only sends 20% to the heart. This is why emotions are so important in our lives.

When we feel negative emotions such as stress, fear, anger, worry, etc., the heart’s electromagnetic field becomes disordered.Whereas when we feel positive emotions such as love, joy or gratitude, the electromagnetic field reaches a state of order. Heart and brain align and all the systems of our body – nervous, hormonal, etc. work together, harmoniously and effectively.

When horses live freely as horses, their hearts are almost permanently in total coherence. Because of the properties of electromagnetic fields, when we enter a herd which is in coherence, our electromagnetic field aligns with theirs. We could say, colloquially, that horses “increase our vibration”. Our electromagnetic field becomes ordered. In that moment, emotions which were locked away inside become unlocked. Those hidden emotions are released. They stop having an impact on our bodies and we feel the benefits of this liberation in our well-being. Check out this article, Cardiac Coherence: the inner power that Horses reveal to us, to learn more about this subject.

Horses create a deep connection with the very centre of our Soul

It is extremely important for horses, that work with people, to have a home where they can feel free. Their health and inner coherence depends on it.

This is the only way they can take us – through their presence and their actions – to that place we long to reach. Somewhere we can feel peace instead of worries. A place where our energy is focussed on what really make us feel fulfilled. Where we feel excitement when the alarm goes off every morning. The place where we feel grateful for our lives. In short, the place where we know ourselves – or rather recognise ourselves. Where all those layers that cover us are swept aside.

Horses take us to the very centre of our Being

Do you want to experience it yourself? Get in touch

“To be ready is to be willing”





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