For a company to be successful, it is essential that the people who works in the company act as an organised and effective system.

The way a herd of horses behaves is a good example of a effective system. Each member of the herd has a specific and fundamental role to play at any given time, leading the whole to behave as a highly organised system ready for success... for survival.

Within a herd, the lead horse varies depending on the situation and circumstances, however, the leader is always different from the rest because of a quality it adopts at that particular moment, being the most motivated individual in the group.

Horses promote many skills in people, such as courage, confidence, creativity, enthusiasm and a great deal more, but above all, the fundamental importance that three of them have in the proper functioning... These three qualities are Coherence, Motivation and Cooperation.

When a group of people are integrated into a space with horses, they become part of their herd. Depending on how the group behaves, the horses will act in one way or another. Considering that horses are prey animals, it is not difficult to deduce that any element that endangers the survival of the group will be rejected or ignored. In a coaching process with horses this means that any action by an individual that lacks coherence, motivation or cooperation will cause a reaction in the horses that will make that individual and the group aware of the "danger" their behaviour, that can affect the proper functioning of the system.

In a Coaching Process with Horses for Companies, objectives are set based on the specific needs of the company. The dynamics are designed in accordance with these needs and work is done to promote the development of general skills (teamwork, communication and planning) and specific skills (leadership, negotiation, etc.).


Before the Coaching with Horses day, a meeting is held between the company's managers and the coach, where the company's needs are analysed and the objectives to be worked on are defined.

Coaching with Horses is a High Impact Experiencial Activity. Impacts on a learning level, both in terms of speed of acquisition and permanence in time. This contributes to greater success in implementing the action plan once back in the daily work environment. Furthermore, as it is an activity carried out out in nature, it breaks with the daily routine of the participants, which generates a high degree of participation and commitment.