My name is Mayte Roger. I was born in 1981, in Valencia. Since I was a little girl I felt a magnetic attraction towards horses. My mother says that "all the blame lies with a magazine plenty of pictures of horses that she used to show me to make me eat". In my family there were no horses, nor anyone who had contact with them, so I used to think that it would be "impossible" to get a horse, even to ride one. Fortunately that belief faded away with time.

My profesional life began in the commercial world of cosmetics, where I worked for about 8 years, during which I was able to develop social skills and above all put empathy and active listening into practice. At that time my work was very varied, I worked face to face with the public and also carried out administration, accounting, sales strategies and warehouse management.


My next step in the profesional world was to set up a business. An equestrian shop. From the commercial skills that I had acquired, I thought that the professional option that would bring me the closest to horses, which I was so passionate about, was to sale products for equestrians. During this time I gained a more specific knowledge of these animals, in relation to the world of sport, which led me to collaborate with different professionals, veterinarians, nutritionists, trainers, etc. The professionals would come to my place, where the shop was located, to give talks to anyone who wanted to know more about these magnificent animals.

I decided to go a step further and train to be a Professional Riding Instructor which brought me even closer to the horses, making them my work colleagues. This was 17 years ago today. During that time I worked as a riding instructor in riding schools in Spain and the United Kingdom, where I was lucky enough to practice this profession in a unique place in the world, The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy. A residential centre where teenagers with learning disabilities learn, through horses, to be more independent. Their training is intensive, lasting 3 years, and they live and coexist with the horses throughout this time.

The other great passion that has always had a great impact on my life has been the human being, especially the human mind, our mind. Knowing how the mind works and the effects it has on our behaviour has always fascinated me. This fascination has led me to read many books and scientific articles about it.

The idea of doing something to bring people closer to horses has been going around in my head since the first time I was able to be around them. I wanted everyone to experience their presence, their power, their peace... And as I discovered how our minds work, I also understood the reason for the "magical" effect that the presence of a horse has on a person.

I started to study psychology, in order to combine these two passions and turn this union into a profession. Until coaching crossed my path and I decided to go for it. I studied Personal and Executive Coaching, a training in Coaching with Horses, then NLP, Equine Healing Certification, with Liz Mitten Ryan, in Canada and finally I became a Trainer for the HeartMath Institute in California.

Today I am immensely grateful to have achieved my goal of combining these two passions and making it a profession, Coach with Horses.

NEW PERCEPTION, Coaching & Horses was born with a very concrete mission, which is the same as the purpose of my soul:

That all people discover that they are complete, magnificent, powerful and full of resources. Capable of achieving what they truly desiere. That everyone of us is able to walk through life feeling Complete.