We all are whole beings full of resources to walk through life with joy and peace. Yet, sometimes we are not aware that we actually have them. We are entitled to feel whole and complete. 

While in a coaching process, we often use metaphors since they help us to unlock our unconscious mind. Through metaphors we can define, verbalize and understand our internal issues and the dynamics we unconsciously use in our dayly life.

In a Coaching with Horses session, horses act as metaphors. They also reflect the behaviour and the emotional aspects of the person in front of them.

Horses are prey animals —in the wild, they are food for others animals. As a result, they have some specific characteristics that make them highly qualified experts in observation, presence and coherence. In order to survive and keep their physical integrity, they need to perfectly read the environment and the body language of the other members of the herd.

A person who shares a space with horses becomes part of the herd. They observe and “read” the person, as they do with any other member of the herd. Horses are so deeply connected to their environment that the slightest discrepancy can cause an immediate reaction —they respond to contradictions. Therefore, in a session of Coaching with Horses, the horse will detect the incoherences of the client and mirror them through its own behavior. They help people to be aware of their own unconscious actions by their reactions. Check this article, The True Value of Horses for People to discover the amazing gifts that horses provide to people.

One of the characteristics of a Coaching with Horses process is that it is shorter in length when compared to other coaching processes. When Coaching is assisted by Horses, length is cut in half. The average Coaching with Horses process is about 4 sessions, while a process without them usually takes 9 or 10 sessions.


As Winston Churchill said: “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man"