WHOLE CONNECTION EXPERIENCE, Retreat with Horses Easter 2019

18 de Abril, 2019 - 21 de Abril, 201916:00 - 16:00


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“Horses reveal to us our Inner Wisdom”

Live a unique Whole Connection Experience with your True Self in a stunning landscape. In the heart of Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, in Spain. Sorrounded by nature and horses in freedom.

The retreat is placed in a finca with 27 hectaries of forest and fields, enclosed in Sierra de Espadán Natural Park. We will stay in a masía, Masía de Matuta, built from an arab alquería origirary from XVIII century. The masía has been rehabilitated in the last decade.

The horses that will be with us at the retreat live in freedom in the 27 hectaries of forest and fields.

The finca has many charming spaces. In the outside, you will be able to enjoy the wonders of pure nature, from the lookout laying on a hammock, observing the birds by the pond, walking the paths between the mountains, etc. Also, in the masía, you will find a delightful library, reading room, swimming pool, a big patio overlooking the valley, etc.

The bedrooms are gracefully decorated, with enclosed bathroom and breathtaking views to the Natural Park.

Being in connection with nature in this extraordinary environment, drive us to experience nature in its sublime state. Nature is source of wisdom and learning. Inspires us and connects us to our authenticity.

When in the retreat, we also will be enjoying the delicious and healthy mediterranean food.

During the four days of the retreat we will be accompanied by the Horses. Those amazing animals take us to experience a deep connection with our Inner Self. They connect us with our emotions, bring us to the present moment and reflect us our unconscious behaviours. Check this article The True Value of Horses for People, to know why horses can do that for us.

Horses help us to achieve Cardiac Coherence. Cardiac Coherence increases our resilience (the capacity for overcoming difficult situations and coming back to our normal state) and makes our intuition more accurate. You can find out more about the importance of achieving Cardiac Coherence in this article: Cardiac Coherence, The Inner Power Horses Reveal to Us

Every single day will be focus on a main topic that will be the guiding thread of the day. This topic will be deeply addressed in the dynamics with the horses. The dynamics are carefully designed with Coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) tools, to be able to reach the core of the day topic.

We will be reconnected with our Inner Essence guided by the Horses. We will discover a huge amount of resources that we already have but we do not know yet.

Life is not a discovering process it is a creation process

In those days, we will experience our Inner Power, so we will be able to create our own life experience as we desire.

This retreat is a journey to our Inner Self . It  will be a breath of fresh air for our busy life. A Journey that will not leave us indifferent. A space, that with no doubt, will make us see things in a different way. A much more positive, clear and complete way. An experience that offers us the opportunity to create a considerable change in our lives.




* Not previous experience with horses is required. Horses will not be ridden.


DATES: 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of April

LOCATION: Masía de Matuta, Natural Park Sierra de Espadán, term of Castellón (7km from Segorbe)

*Posibility of transport from Valencia Airport and Valencia Train Station Joaquín Sorolla.


*Prices include accommodation, meals, Coaching and all the activities specified on the programme.

*Meals: Mediterranean food



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