Resilience Advantage™ Program, is a program about the daily experience of people’s hearts

The programme addresses such relevant issues as stress, vitality, motivation, decision-making, relationships and health
More than 20 years of research, based on scientific evidence, support the results of the Resilience Programme Advantage™. It has been used for years in the USA. It is used by major hospitals, law enforcement agencies, police, firefighters, the military, successful businesses and Olympic athletes.

We are in an era where global change is an accelerated process. The need to learn skills and strategies, based on scientific evidence, to reduce stress levels is essential. Both on a personal and professional level.

The quality of our relationships, our performance at work, and our physical and mental health depend on our ability to be resilient

The Resilience Programme Advantage™ provides a practical framework of self-regulatory tools and resilience-building practices. It greatly helps individuals to gain composure and clarity in dealing with change and overwhelming situations.

In companies, building employee resilience has become a really important strategy. It is critical to improving personal and organisational effectiveness, productivity, health and general well-being.

Improving resilience facilitates the ability to think clearly and alignment with the purpose and values of the business. Improving work culture builds and enhances employee strengths. This leads to increased employee motivation and increased productivity for the company.

The experience of HeartMath®, through the years that it has been offering the Resilience Programme Advantage™, shows that most of the people who carry it out feel motivated to carry out deep and significant changes in their lives


– What is Resilience?

– Depleting and Renewing Emotions

– The role that emotions play in our health and performance

– Physiology of Coherence – Cardiac Rhythms

– Intelligent energy regulation techniques

– How different emotions affect our heart rhythms

– How emotions direct brain activity towards chaos or coherence

– Practical Intuition

– Energetics of Relationships

– Energetics of Communication

– HeartMath® Cardiac Coherence Techniques (development of resilience, communication, decision making, etc.)

– Development of Resilience Capacity


*Length of the programme: 6 hours (4 on-line sessions of 1.30h)

*This training includes Manual and Official HeartMath® Certificate



The Inner Balance™ Bluetooth device allows cardiac coherence measurements. Train the level of coherence in a practical and effective way To make an objective and controlled follow up. Discover what daily activities and behaviours bring us closer to or further from heart coherence.

*The acquisition of the device is optional, but it is recommended for making the most of the training. The device has a special reduced price when acquired together with the training.


Individual (live) on-line training Resilience Advantage™ Program (6h) : 195€

Training + Inner Balance™ Bluetooth Device: 392€ (Inner Balance device price 197€). Shipping costs for the device are not included in the price. (This option includes a 25min extra class to manage the device)

Inner device Balance™ Bluetooth without training: 219€.

*Shipping costs of the Manual outside Spain are not included in the price of the training courses

– HeartMath® System applied to Coaching
– Cardiac Coherence Training with Horses:
*HeartMath® System applied to Horse Work
* HeartMath® System applied to Horse Coaching



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