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Do you want to take your Coaching to another level?

Add The Intelligence of the Heart to your sessions, workshops and conferences
This training is designed to obtain the maximum benefit from the Coaching Processes. It is based on the specific application of the HeartMath® System to the field of professional Coaching

You will be able to improve your coordination times. Increase your Intuitive Intelligence. And connect with your clients in an energetic way

HeartMath® Cardiac Coherence Techniques and Dynamics are an excellent complement to Coaching. They allow to generate a space of confidence and intimacy in a natural way. They provide frequent spaces for awareness. And they allow you to face situations that generate uncertainty, in a fast and effective way.

In addition, the HeartMath® System has a unique tool. The Inner Balance™ Technology. This technology allows the coach to make measurements of cardiac coherence. Both of himself and of his clients. The use of Inner Technology Balance™ allows the coach to offer a very complete and highly effective service.

Some of the benefits of taking this training:

– Expansion of Intuitive Intelligence
– Development of Communication at a Subconscious Level
– Increased Empathy Capacity
– Development and improvement of Core Coaching Competencies
– Development of the client’s Self-Concept 
– Improvement on handling and managing the progress of the coaching process
– Increasing Resilience Capacity
– Tools for working blockages with the client
– Application of specific HeartMath® techniques for different moments of the session 

*The lengh of the programme is 7.5 hours (5 sessions of 1.30h)

*This training programme includes the official HeartMath® Institute Training, Resilience Advantage™ Program, Manual and official HeartMath® Institute Certificate



The Inner Balance™ Bluetooth device allows cardiac coherence measurements. Train the level of coherence in a practical and effective way To make an objective and controlled follow up. Discover what daily activities and behaviours bring us closer to or further from heart coherence.

*The acquisition of the device is optional, but it is recommended for making the most of the training. The device has a special reduced price when acquired together with the training.



Individual live on-line training Cardiac Coherence for Coaches (8h) : 270€

Training + Inner Device Balance™ Bluetooth: 467 euros (price of Inner Balance device 197€. Shipping costs for the device are not included in the price. (An extra 25min class to manage the device is included in the price)

Inner device Balance™ Bluetooth without training: 219€

*Shipping costs of the Manual outside Spain are not included in the price of the training courses



– Programme Advantage of Resiliencia™
– Cardiac Coherence Training with Horses:
*HeartMath® System applied to Horse Work
* HeartMath® System applied to Horse Coaching


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Cardiac Coherence for Coaches, Cardiac Coherence for Coaches + Technology

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